MAQ 2018 Lottery Block
Butterfly - Ruby Kim

We hope everyone will join us in creating lottery blocks for 2018! Please refer to the following criteria:

1. The pattern is Butterfly, by Ruby Kim. For fabric requirements and cutting and sewing directions, please go to:

Lottery Block 2018 instructions

2. Use any 1930's prints of your choice, with a black butterfly body and white background..

3. You may make and enter as many blocks as you would like, but will only be eligible to win one set of blocks. Bring your blocks with you to MAQ weekend to enter in the drawing. The winners will be drawn on Saturday evening, July 14, 2018. Winners will receive a group of blocks to make a quilt or other project.

Come join us in this fun activity, send us pictures of your completed block for us to post on Facebook! If you have any questions, please contact us at

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