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Mid-Appalachian Quilters, Inc. (MAQ) has been hosting an annual quilting seminar each July since 1987. We offer a variety of classes presented by some of the best teachers in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Members of the MAQ reside primarily in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. However, some return every year from more distant states, to visit with cherished friends and learn new quilting techniques.

Answers to Some FAQs

Where is the MAQ weekend held?

Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg, MD. (US Route 15 north of Frederick, MD, and south of Gettysburg, PA.)

Check-in will be in the lobby of the Knott Academic Building. Click here to view a map of Mount St. Mary's University Campus

What should a quilter expect for weekend?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Classes, classes, classes

Thursday night ice cream social and Show and Tell for projects from previous years.

Friday evening - Evening event & Lecture by Sue Reich.

Saturday evening - MAQ business meeting, show and tell from this year's classes, Block of the Week Quilts and Lottery Block drawing.

How much does MAQ 2017 cost?

Required MAQ dues are $25 per person. Classes are $65 per day. (Two-day classes are $130, half-day classes are $32.50.)

Room and board, for those wishing to stay on campus, is $58 per night for a shared room, $70 for single room in the older dorms, and $85 per night for Powell Hall (formerly Bicentennial Hall). The older dorms are one to four floor walk-ups with no elevators. Powell Hall is a newer dorm with an elevator.

For those who wish to commute, or stay off campus in a hotel, meal tickets will be available for purchase, during registration and also at MAQ.

What are the housing arrangements?

Registration for on-campus housing in dormitories is on a first-come first served basis. All rooms are in suites which feature bedrooms with one bed, or bedrooms with two beds, and shared bathrooms.

Rooms will be available in Powell Hall (formerly Bicentennial Hall) and Rooney Hall. Pricing is tiered so that rooms in the older dorms will be available at a reduced price. All dormitories are locked from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. If you go out during that time, you may find yourself locked out of the building.

Are the classes accessible?

All classrooms and dorm rooms in Powell Hall (formerly Bicentennial Hall) are handicapped accessible with 24-hour campus security.

Is there any help provided for moving sewing machines, luggage and class supplies?

Student porters will be available to help you load and unload during arrival and departure at classrooms and dormitories. Tipping is optional.

Are meals provided?

For participants staying in the dormitories, all meals are included from Thursday's dinner through Sunday's lunch in the cafeteria.

Participants who are commuting or staying in a hotel may purchase meal tickets online or in the MAQ office. Prices are $7.25 for breakfast, $9.25 for lunch, $12.00 for dinner in the cafeteria. You may also pay for your meals in cash in the cafeteria, but the a la carte prices are often more than the price of the meal tickets.

Where are the classes held?

Classroom buidings are located about 200 yards from the older dorms or parking lot. Sidewalks between buildings enable the use of luggage carts to transport class supplies. Elevators are available in each of the classroom buildings. In most classes, there will be two people per table.

Is it possible to change the class I registered for?

Yes, if space is available, you may swap a class registration for another open class. Just email us to ask.

What is the refund policy?

After you register, if you find that you are unable to attend, you may request a refund of 80% of your payment. No refunds after June 11, 2018. At any time, instead of refund, you may find a replacement willing to take your spot in a class or dorm.

This year, if you signed up for a room waitlist, and do not get a room, membership and classeswill be refunded 100%.

What else is there to do at MAQ?

Instructors will sell fabric, patterns, books, and other goodies on Friday and Saturday evening in the Knott Auditorium lobby, upper and lower levels.

Massage therapists will offer on-site seated massage therapy. Sign-up sheets will be available in the lobby of the Knott Academic Center. Bring cash or your checkbook to pay them directly.

What should I bring with me?

Supply lists for classes are posted on the MAQ website, under each class description in the schedule. Please be sure to have any pre-class preparation done before you come to class.

Bring a sweater just in case your classroom is chilly.

Leave your iron at home. MAQ supplies them and we need to be careful not to overload the circuits.

Bring sheets, towels, pillows and a quilt if you're staying in the dorms. The rooms can get a bit chilly. Also bring hand soap, tissues, and paper towels for the bathroom, and hangers for the closet. The bedrooms generally have only an overhead light, so you may wish to bring a desk lamp.

Will I receive a conformation?

Yes, print out and SAVE your Paypal Confirmation - this is your MAQ confirmation as well.

In July, you will receive an informational email with all of the news you need for MAQ weekend, including directions, how to check in, where to park, and more. You can always stay on top of things by reading our Facebook page

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