Nancy Returns to MAQ

We are excited to have Nancy Fève back at MAQ this year.  One of my favorite parts of stopping by G Street Fabrics in Rockville over the years, is seeing a Nancy Fève quilt on display. My immediate reaction is always “WOW” as soon as I see her quilts, which are    modern, exciting, and always full of color and life.

Nancy is teaching 104 Patchwork Weave on Friday, and a two-day class 404 String-Piece Kaleidoscope on Sat/Sun.

Here are Nancy’s responses to our blog questions,

1. How long have you been coming to MAQ?

“I taught six years at MAQ, from 2006 through 2011, and am happy to be returning this year.”

2. What is your favorite part of the weekend? 

I enjoy the whole weekend, but my favorite is the show and tell parade!

3. What excites you about your classes being offered this year?

“I’m pleased to be offering classes of different complexity at this session, hoping to help quilters of varying levels of experience and confidence. The Patchwork Weave class is easy to sew, less obvious to plan, while the String-Pieced Kaleidoscope is a bit more challenging on both fronts while offering many design opportunities, encouraging workshop participants to stretch their wings and create a unique arrangement of their chosen fabrics.”

4.  Do you have any additional photos to share for your classes being offered?

Here are some fabulous quilts made by students in Nancy’s classes.

“String-pieced kaleidoscopes were made by my student Brenda Crockett….”

String-Pieced Kaleidoscope! from Eileen Morehouse….

A king-size Gator Weave top by Peggy Moll….

A class-size Patchwork Weave from Eileen Morehouse…..


GO! Cutter Service

Last year for the first time at MAQ, Claudia Chapman offered Accuquilt GO! Cutter services that attendees could “rent” for a half hour time. It was a successful first-time service for MAQ. I was able to cut a whole lot of tumbler blocks in scrappy bright solids for a quilt I am working on, and it was wonderful to get so much precision cutting accomplished in a short amount of time.  Claudia is returning this year, so now is a good time to think about how you could take advantage of the opportunity to cut out a lot of pieces for your next quilt.

Here is some information that Claudia sent:

“Hello MAQ Attendees,

Take advantage of the Accuquilt GO! Cutter while you are at MAQ!!! Get your fabric ready for your next projects without the investment in the GO! Cutter system. The newest dies will be available.

Cut a queen size quilt in a 30 minute session. Only $10 for a 30 minute session.

Please contact me to schedule a time and to assist you with fabric amounts needed.

The go cutter center will have dies and cutters for sale!!! Fabulous fabric at great prices will also be available.”

Do I need to know which die I want to use when I attend the GO! Cutter center?

“It would be helpful to know which die or dies you would like to use, but I will have the most popular dies on hand. If you have a project in mind we can communicate about what you would need.”

Do I need to know which pattern I would like to do?

Again, it would be helpful but not necessary, if you know ahead of time I can help you with having the correct amount of fabric ready to cut.”

Can beginners use the GO! Cutter?

“The GO! cutter is useful for all levels of quilters.  The beauty of the cutting system is the time savings.   And we would all love to save time and have accurate cuts.”

How do I make the best use of my time with GO! Cutter Center?

“First you would need to decide on a pattern.  There are lots of samples on the Accuquilt website,

Then decide which dies you would need, or I can help you with that.

Next, decide how large you would like your project to be. I can help you with the amount of fabric needed.

Press your fabric and precut if needed.

Look at your class schedule and determine when you have free time.  Contact me and schedule a time, I can also help you with the dies and amount of fabrics.

Please contact me with any questions!!!

Claudia Chapman

Here are some of Claudia’s quilts for different shape ideas:

New Teacher for MAQ 2014

We are delighted that Barbara Dahlberg will be one of the new teachers coming to MAQ 2014. She will be teaching 202 Autumn Leaves Art Quilt on Saturday and 302 Quilt Ikebana on Sunday.

Here are some additional descriptions that Barbara sent about her classes,

“Hi!  I’m Barbara Dahlberg and this is my first time teaching at MAQ. I’m thrilled to be included and can’t wait to meet all of you.  I’m pleased to offer my class Quilt Ikebana on Sunday. This Japanese art form has much creative inspiration for quilters and I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve learned and how you can use the principles and designs in your work.  For the class I’ll provide my design of a summer Ikebana arrangement in fabric featuring calla lilies.  You can easily change the season by making a different flower.  For example, chrysanthemums are a good choice for fall and can be made easily using broderie perse, cutting them from a piece of medium to large scale fabric printed with the flower (and you don’t have to cut out all those petals, just those around the edges).  Background and border fabrics should also be chosen to reflect the season if you are making this change. 

My other class this summer is Autumn Leaves Art Quilt.  This quilt began with collecting the beautiful leaves I found while taking a walk one fall morning.  I let them dry, pressed them in between pages of a phone book (I still have those) and then made patterns from the leaves.  I’ll give you copies of my patterns for the class, but if you have your own collection of pressed leaves and would like to personalize your quilt please bring them along.  The leaves don’t have to be from autumn, green ones will do as long as they are pressed.  You can change the color to a fall hue with the fabric you choose. If you are pressing green leaves put them between pieces of paper toweling before placing in a phone book or just under a few heavy books. 

Please email me at  if you have any questions, need some help, or just want to say hi.”

You can see additional examples of Barbara’s art quilts online in her gorgeous galleries found in Barbara’s Art Quilts.


Teresa is back!

I’ve been coming to MAQ for… I don’t know… maybe 20 years or so? In the mid 1990s I had a class with a wonderful, exuberant teacher, Teresa Fusco, and then for many years I did not see her at MAQ, but still I remembered how wild her classes and her quilts were. When Ann and I were on the board in the mid 2000’s we looked to see if we could find Teresa teaching anywhere, and were not successful at locating her. And then, three years ago, Ann and I were on the Board again and after extensive Googling, we found her!

Teresa is teaching 106 Floor Mats (which is full). Anyone who saw a preview of these wonderful “quilt-like” floormats last year at MAQ was excited to come back in 2014 to take this class. Teresa is also teaching 206 Yes – You Can Design Too!  which has space available, and 306 Pleated Tapestry Bargello (which is full).

 1. How long have you been coming to MAQ?

I was teaching at MAQ in the 90’s for five years. I taught new sewing machine techniques using specialty threads, needles, pressing, and unique stitches. I also taught complex patterns making them easy, always stressing “be original, make the quilt your own.”  All my students were successful! I started teaching at MAQ again three years ago when I became reacquainted with Ann Giglio at a quilt show. She invited me to apply to be a teacher again, and I’m thrilled that I did.”

2. What is your favorite part of the weekend?

“The actual class time – interacting with my students.  I feel the adrenaline rush when I see them accomplish the technique, and the excitement grows in the class as we finish the art quilts or other project.”

3. What excites you about your classes being offered this year?

“I am teaching three classes.  I have to say that I am really looking forward to “Yes – You Can Design Too!”  We use a background fabric you might have been saving, and use raw edge applique techniques.  This class will be outstanding this year, because this is what I do best. I was published this year using my technique – Raw Edge Appliqué – Teresa’s Way in  APP IS FOR APPLIQUÉ  by Dianne S. Hire, available through  Amazon and AQS. This class will motivate everyone to complete their quilt top in class. I have attached some photos of my latest raw edge quilts.”

4. How could a student individualize a class project in one of your classes; what creative possibilities do you see?

“I talk to each student: we design/draw the quilt out together.  We discuss perspective, color, visual impact, fabric etc.  We make the quilt top using raw edge techniques so we have immediate results. The quilt is top stitched to background and batting before the end of the class!

5. Do you have any additional photos to share for your classes being offered?

Photos of my recent quilts using the Raw Edge Technique presented in the “You Can Design Too” class….

closeups …..

“Amish Boys” with a background of a side of a barn….


An Outstanding Teacher

Today’s post is about Patty Prodonovich who is teaching 117 Flutterby, 217 Double Cross, and 317 Water Lilies at MAQ 2014. Each year after MAQ is over, we administer an evaluation to all participants and ask them to comment on and rate their teachers, as poor, fair, good, very good, or outstanding. Patty is always rated Outstanding by all the participants in her classes. Not just one year, but EVERY YEAR I’ve administered the evaluations. This comment sums up how participants feel about Patty’s classes:

This was such a fun day. No stress, no struggles; just plain fun.”

Here are Patty’s responses to our questions:

1. How long have you been coming to MAQ?

“This will be my 5th year.”

2.  What is your favorite part of the weekend?
“My favorite part of the weekend is actually teaching the classes and interacting with  students.  Sharing my knowledge with students is very rewarding and I find I always learn something from them as well.  We all learn from each other and are inspired by the group. It’s exciting to see the different fabrics that are used in class.”
3. What excites you about your classes being offered this year?
“I love to teach classes that utilize our stash.  Double Cross does just that.  The waterlilies classes demonstrates the use of  Tri-Recs Tools.  Once a students learns this patch, it can be used in many other projects.  Flutterby  teaches students to make the flying geese unit 4 at a time with accuracy and very little waste of fabric.  This unit is widely used in creating other blocks.  Students will be able to use the elements of the blocks taught in the classes for various quilts in the future.”
4.  How could a student individualize a class project in one of your classes; what creative possibilities do you see?
“Choice of fabrics is one of the easiest ways to individualize a project.  It can be very traditional or contemporary depending on style of fabric used.  “
Patty sent some beautiful additional images:
Starburst Blue Cream
Baby Pinwheels….
Blue Indigo….   (don’t you LOVE the border???)
Borderline Red Black
Borderline Pink Yellow.
Cactus Blossom Red Green…..



More Modern Quilting

Each year after the fun and frantic MAQ weekend is over, we administer an evaluation of the event and ask our participants for suggestions for future class topics and teachers. Our participants asked us for more modern quilting offerings, and mentioned Heather Kojan, founder of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild, as a possible teacher.  We contacted Heather, asked for proposals from her, and are delighted that she will be teaching at MAQ for the first time this summer.

She is teaching 111 Modern Sampler Class, 211 Urban Windows, and 311 Modern Bento Box.

Here are Heather’s responses to our Blog questions:

1. How long have you been coming to MAQ?

“This will be my first year attending MAQ. I’ve heard about it for a few years now, and can’t wait to get started! Seriously, if I weren’t a teacher this year, I’d be a student!”

2. What is your favorite part of the weekend?  (If it is not your first year.)

“Although this will be my first time, just the thought of no cooking or cleaning for a weekend sounds delightful. And I’m really looking forward to meeting my students and fellow teachers.”

3. What excites you about your classes being offered this year?

“I’m excited to bring the students of MAQ a little modern edge. My Modern Improv Sampler (Friday’s class) gives students a chance to break some rules, let loose and just have fun! We’ll take classic blocks (log cabin, star, nine patch, etc) and add a little wonky to them!

Saturday’s class, Urban Window, is all about the Quick Curve Ruler. We’ll learn how to sew gentle curves, no pinning. Once the basics are learned, the possibilities are endless. Literally dozens of blocks can be made with this ruler.

On Sunday, during the Bento Box class, we’ll learn a cool pattern, sew up some blocks, cut them up and swap them with all the students. It’s about playing with fabric, chatting with friends, and coming up with some fresh, modern quilts.”

4. How could a student individualize a class project in one of your classes; what creative possibilities do you see?

“The Modern Sampler is a simple block based layout. All the blocks work together, but certainly, each of the blocks could stand alone to make an entire quilt. A wonky log cabin quilt? Sure! A wonky star quilt? Definitely.”

5. Do you have any additional photos to share for your classes being offered?

“See  photos below!”

Urban Christmas Runner for the 211 Urban Windows class:Also for the Urban Windows class….

Runner for the 311 Modern Bento Box class….

111 Modern Sampler ……And a quilt made of one of the Modern Sampler blocks….We can’t wait to meet Heather at MAQ! If you are interested in the 111 Modern Sampler class, you’d better hurry, there is only one seat left. Space is available in the 211 Urban Windows and 311 Modern Bento Box classes, so sign up and bring a friend.


Meet Madge

We are fortunate to have Madge Ziegler as an instructor at MAQ. Madge is an all-around wonderful quilt teacher and an expert in quilt history and restoration. One proof of her quilting expertise is her ubiquitousness on the Web. I can be perusing quilting blogs late at night, clicking on one then another before falling asleep, and I’ll see a blogger mention the name “Madge Ziegler” and I have to think, “Really? They know her too?”

Here are Madge’s answers to our MAQ 2014 questions:

1. How long have you been coming to MAQ?

 “This will be my fifth year teaching at MAQ. The first time was in 2008.”

2. What is your favorite part of the weekend?

“Meeting students and teachers that are new and greeting those from past years. I am also delighted to see work that students bring from my past classes. Oh, and the frozen yogurt machine in the cafeteria!”

3. What excites you about your classes being offered this year?

“I am so happy to be offering two handwork classes. There are now over 6,400 members on the Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook group. Many people say hand quilting classes are not being offered at shops, etc. Kudos to the MAQ board for scheduling my full day Learn Hand Quilting class. The Cutwork Applique class gives me the opportunity to share an antique summer spread from my collection. Then there is the Rainbow Strings class! String quilting is hot, fast, fun and addicting. I also find it relaxing, so even though it’s a machine class, it is a perfect go with the flow and wind down class on Sunday.”

4. How could a student individualize a class project in one of your classes; what creative possibilities do you see?

I hope the Hand Quilting students will bring a top for suggestions. The Cutwork Applique class has a choice of patterns. With the Rainbow Strings class, students can cut strips all the same width, varied widths, or even wonky widths (slightly wedge shaped.) Colors can be organized or truly scrappy. I have many variations to show, so I hope people bring their cameras. My advice is to read the supply lists and homework now! I hope that if anyone has a question he or she will contact me:”

5. Do you have any additional photos to share for your classes being offered?

This little Dancing with the Pansies wallhanging was quilted in Big Stitch and I will demo that as part of the Hand Quilting class.  It was made from a vintage embroidered pansy block (provided by Mary Kerr) that I turned upside down.

Here are a couple of blocks in progress from the Cutwork Applique class:

When I teach the String Quilt class, I put up blocks from every student.  It’s always amazing that they blend together so well.

Here are two string quilts made by my friend Cathy:

When I do my string quilt lecture, I show antique, vintage and new.  It was hard to choose what to show you from the many string quilts I have made and collected:

Above: Top made by me 20 years ago. I think I’d better quilt it!”

Thank you, Madge, for your responses and all the photos!  I’m with you on the fro-yo in the cafeteria. It’s hard for me to pass up three straight days of unlimited frozen yogurt for both lunch and dinner.

You can find Madge online on her Facebook   Check out her weekly “Top Tip Tuesday” posts for useful tips.

And if you’d like to know more about her, check out this interview from 2001

See more examples of her String quilts, made in Baltimore


Featuring Gyleen Fitzgerald

Gyleen is a popular instructor at MAQ, and her classes usually fill within the first few hours of opening registration. 2014 classes105 Play Modern  and 205 Play Modern are both full. 305 Trash to Treasure Pineapple Challenge has one more space, so hurry if you want to grab the last seat!

Gyleen’s classes get rave reviews, here are some comments from  last year’s students, “Gyleen was so personable. A relaxed teacher who made everyone who asks for an opinion or help with color choices feel comfortable. The day just flew by.”

Gyleen’s classes are fabulous. She is open, friendly and extremely talented.  Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next year!

We asked Gyleen the questions that we asked all instructors and here are her responses:

1. How long have you been coming to MAQ? 

Wow, must we go there?  I really don’t know but it seems like forever but I’m sure it has been less than 10 years.

2. What is your favorite part of the weekend?

My favorite part is seeing friends.  With Facebook, I now get to at least chat with them throughout the year, however it is not like the reunion of seeing them where I first met them.”

3. What excites you about your classes being offered this year?

I wish I could teach 5 classes because it was so hard for me to decide what to teach.  I’m still in love with the Polygon Affair series of quilts and my new “Play Modern” class will be a blast.  It’s a design class that will let the participants explore tumbling blocks or hanging diamonds with a totally new approach.  Each class so far has discovered new combinations; the possibilities are fun to explore.”

4. How could a student individualize a class project in one of your classes; what creative possibilities do you see? 

Bring what you love and want to stitch with is my best advice.  I’ll help you make it work.  If they want to send me an email with jpeg of what fabric they’re thinking of bringing for either of the classes I will respond.  That will relieve some anxiety.

5. Do you have any additional photos to share for your classes being offered? 

Hmm, I do.  I have two Facebook pages that are loaded with photographs.  They should join.  Gyleen’s Polygon Affair (for the Play Modern workshop) and Trash to Treasure Pineapple Challenge (for the pineapple class).

So check out Gyleen’s Facebook pages for additional photos and questions/interactions with other students.  Remember there is only one space left in her Sunday class, so if you’re interested, don’t wait too long!