New Blog for MAQ 2014!


Summer is almost here and MAQ 2014 is coming up soon. We’d like to feature some of the instructors on this blog, and so we asked them a few questions about their history with MAQ, and the classes they will be teaching this year.

Our first entry is for Michelle Renee Hiatt, who is teaching for the first time at MAQ this year.

Her classes are: 109 Honey V, 209 Southern Hospitality, and 309 Modern Victoria Hunter Star. Here are Michelle’s responses:

1. How long have you been coming to MAQ?

I’ve attended MAQ twice before as a student and loved it!

2. What is your favorite part of the weekend?

There is so much, but I would have to say the camaraderie between the quilters.  It is absolutely amazing to walk through the halls and see the friendships, in some cases quilters catching up on the year, other just a few days, but everyone knows someone.  Even my first year, I felt welcome just from folks I’d being emailing back and forth with… just lovely all around.

3. What excites you about your classes being offered this year?

I’m a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor; I love and teach a lot of Deb Tucker’s designs.  This year, I’m offering two of my own designs, I only design with Deb’s tools, but I try and offer patterns for those of us with careers outside of quilting.  I want my students to able to produce a lovely quilt, while making it their therapy (as it is mine), and make the best use of their quilting time.  Modern Victorian Hunter Star is a play on the traditional,  using many brighter fabrics for background and more of a background on the solids.  Honey V mixes traditionally piecing with a more modern feel and teaches the foundation of the V Block with ease.  Deb Tucker’s Southern Hospitality is just a wonderful summer quilt, it is a beautiful quilt, and you learn different ways to make and use flying geese and Square²!

4. How could a student individualize a class project in one of your classes; what creative possibilities do you see?

The tools, techniques and units used in my class could change the way that you, the quilter, makes every one of your quilts.  The tools are made to optimize your piecing independent of the block or pattern you are using.   You will learn how to apply these tools to your everyday piecing.

5. Do you have any additional photos to share for your classes being offered?

Yes, they are attached here.

Honey V Trucks….

Southern Hospitality Orange and Purple….

Southern Hospitality Blue and Green….

Modern Victoria Hunter Star Black White and Yellow….