What have you been doing since MAQ?


Registration for MAQ 2015 is currently underway! We started registration over a week ago, and are delighted to see familiar names from past MAQ weekends, as well as names of newcomers who will be joining us.Can’t wait!

What has everyone been doing since last July and MAQ 2014?

Did you know that MAQ member Rose Daley and her co-participants from the first annual Mid-Atlantic MOD 2014 retreat won FIRST PLACE in the Group or Bee Quilts category at Quiltcon 2015, held last month in Austin, Texas!  See the 2015 QuiltCon winners.

Quilt Name: Playing with Little Bits

Pieced by: Anna Levengood, Jill Stafford, Jessica Skultety, Jessica Levitt, Robin Tillsworth, Rachel Singh, Elizabeth Timmons and Rose Daley. The group created the quilt at the first annual mid-atlantic Mod retreat held in Lancaster, PA last year, a retreat sponsored by several Modern Quilt Guilds in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Quilted by: Rose Daley, machine quilted using a domestic sewing machine

Description: A progressive quilt using a scrappy “low volume/little bits” theme created at Mid-Atlantic MOD 2014. Low volume fabrics were sent to each quilter a few weeks before the retreat. Each quilter created a section prior to the weekend, starting with the low volume fabrics, then added pops of color using their own concepts and techniques. Each participant spent time working on it at the retreat, improvisationally adding their section and other elements to create the finished quilt top. One quilter (Rose Daley) was randomly selected to receive the quilt top, and she then finished the quilt, entered it at QuiltCon and won!

Rose has been quilting for about 5 years, and has been at MAQ for the past two years—in fact, MAQ was her first retreat and her first big foray into quilting. She had taken several classes before she attended MAQ for the first time, but hadn’t joined a guild yet, and still wasn’t sure what it was all about. Then she went to MAQ—had a wonderful time, met amazing people, and has been coming back ever since.

What have you been doing since MAQ 2014? Send us photos of any completed projects from past MAQ years! We’d love to see what you’ve been doing and share your photos on the MAQ blog. Send photos to us at  maqonline@yahoo.com.





Happy New Year to All Quilters!

MAQ 2015 will be held on July 10-12, 2015 at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD. We hope to see everyone there, so mark your brand new 2015 calendars. The website will be updated with new class offerings by March 1, 2015.

Thinking ahead to MAQ 2016 and after —you and a few other quilting buddies from MAQ might want to consider volunteering to become the next MAQ board. A new board will need to be elected at the 2015 Saturday evening meeting.

All it takes is four officers and a few friends.  The MAQ Board serves for two years, planning and executing our three-day weekend of educational seminars. It is a great experience and not as daunting as you might think. You will have meeting minutes and TO DO lists from previous Boards to guide you. We have a long history and many previous Board members are available to advise you and help out in any way they can.

If you are considering volunteering or have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at maqonline@yahoo.com.


A Wonderful Weekend

We had a great weekend for MAQ 2014, the weather was perfect, and most everyone appeared to be having fun and learning a lot from our inspiring teachers. I hope everyone made it home safely and are recuperating from the nonstop quilting, talking, and sharing.

Here are the items in Lost and Found. Please email me at maqonline@yahoo.com and let me know if any of these items are yours.

Ruler and box of sewing supplies found together in Gyleen’s room:

a brown seat cushion:

small dryer found in Science building

water bottle:

extension cord

small wheel. 2.25 inch diameter.rotary cutter


big package of fabric and pattern

Donkey behind Bicentennial:

Getting Ready for MAQ 2014

We’re busy getting ready for MAQ 2014 and we know many of you are too. We will be sending out an informational email to everyone who is registered – as soon as we confirm a final detail or two.

In the meantime, we heard from Alyson, Kaitlyn, and Jean who will be attending next week.

Here are Jean and her daughters Alyson and Kaitlyn working on this year’s lottery blocks.

One of Alyson’s finished blocks:

And Alyson and Kaitlyn finishing up quilts from last summer to bring next week. Looks like a gorgeous quilt from Debby Kratovil’s Half Hexagon Braid Quilt class last year. Alyson, Kaitlyn and Jean: Thank you for sharing your photos with us! See you all soon.


Studio with Fran

Fran Kordek started teaching at MAQ in 1993 when the event was located in Frostburg, MD and has only missed a few years since then. Last year, when Patsy retired from teaching at MAQ, we immediately thought of the possibility of Fran teaching Studio, with her variety of skills and expertise, and the patient gentle way she has in teaching all quilters, from beginners to advanced. We are delighted that Fran is returning to Studio again in 2014.

Here is how she answered our questions:

What is your favorite part of the weekend?  
“I enjoy the camaraderie and quilting fellowship that happens at MAQ. I enjoy seeing friends and former students.

What excites you about your classes being offered this year?
“I always say  “Studio” is like the old fashioned quilting bee.  There is much sharing by all the quilters there.

How could a student individualize a class project in one of your classes; what creative possibilities do you see?
“There’s the possibility of brainstorming and problem solving during “Studio” and sometimes a started project can go in a different direction.”

Have you tried quilting with silk?

This will be Cheryl Lynch’s second year at MAQ. Last year she brought us a new type of class – quilting with silk dupioni. If you’ve looked at our MAQ home page, you’ve seen Cheryl’s fantastic “Curvalicious” quilt made from silks.
We had an enthusiastic response from everyone who took Cheryl’s classes last year, including these comments, “Cheryl is an outstanding instructor!  She is very knowledgeable in so many sewing techniques, and she is warm, friendly and approachable.  She is very excited and enthusiastic about what she is teaching, and her class was well structured.  I would definitely take another class from her.  Please bring her back!”  And so we did!
Cheryl’s two classes this year are 213 Curvalicious and 313 Fabric Mosaics.
Here are Cheryl’s answers to our questions:
What is your favorite part of the weekend?
“I love the total immersion.  Everything is about quilting and spending time with other quilters. Mealtime is such a special time to get to know many of the quilters. It is filled with camaraderie and open hearts because we all speak the same language.”
What excites you about your classes being offered this year? 
My mosaic class was inspired by a trip to Israel. I saw mosaics that were hundreds and hundreds of years old.  Some of the designs were pictorial and some were geometric.  I challenged myself to figure out a technique using fabric to duplicate the look.  And I did!
Curvalicious was inspired on a lunch date with my husband.  You’ll have to come to my class to hear the story. It’s quite funny. I designed and developed an acrylic tool to create the design. Silk dupioni makes the project elegant and unique, but it can be made using cotton fabric.  The tool will be available to use in class, but most people end up buying it, especially when they see what other quilts they can make using it. (I will have the tool available for purchase when I am vending for people who aren’t taking my class.)”
How could a student individualize a class project in one of your classes; what creative possibilities do you see?
“The Curvalicious skinny quilt can be made with cotton, instead of silk dupioni. It looks great in solids or batiks. After learning how to use the tool, it can be used to make a bunch of different style quilts as well as borders and scalloped edges.  

For the mosaics, I will provide several patterns to use, but students are welcome to bring their own line drawings.”

Do you have any additional photos to share for your classes being offered?

Nine patch….Patriotic Quilt….Simply Curvalicious ….

Early Bird Contest

In addition to the lottery block drawing during the MAQ weekend, we’ll be holding an early bird contest online. Email a photo of your completed lottery block to maqonline@yahoo.com by midnight on Wednesday, June 25th for a chance to win a fabulous prize. Photos will be displayed on the MAQ website and Facebook page to help inspire others. Multiple entries allowed (and encouraged!) but only one prize per person.

Nancy Returns to MAQ

We are excited to have Nancy Fève back at MAQ this year.  One of my favorite parts of stopping by G Street Fabrics in Rockville over the years, is seeing a Nancy Fève quilt on display. My immediate reaction is always “WOW” as soon as I see her quilts, which are    modern, exciting, and always full of color and life.

Nancy is teaching 104 Patchwork Weave on Friday, and a two-day class 404 String-Piece Kaleidoscope on Sat/Sun.

Here are Nancy’s responses to our blog questions,

1. How long have you been coming to MAQ?

“I taught six years at MAQ, from 2006 through 2011, and am happy to be returning this year.”

2. What is your favorite part of the weekend? 

I enjoy the whole weekend, but my favorite is the show and tell parade!

3. What excites you about your classes being offered this year?

“I’m pleased to be offering classes of different complexity at this session, hoping to help quilters of varying levels of experience and confidence. The Patchwork Weave class is easy to sew, less obvious to plan, while the String-Pieced Kaleidoscope is a bit more challenging on both fronts while offering many design opportunities, encouraging workshop participants to stretch their wings and create a unique arrangement of their chosen fabrics.”

4.  Do you have any additional photos to share for your classes being offered?

Here are some fabulous quilts made by students in Nancy’s classes.

“String-pieced kaleidoscopes were made by my student Brenda Crockett….”

String-Pieced Kaleidoscope! from Eileen Morehouse….

A king-size Gator Weave top by Peggy Moll….

A class-size Patchwork Weave from Eileen Morehouse…..


GO! Cutter Service

Last year for the first time at MAQ, Claudia Chapman offered Accuquilt GO! Cutter services that attendees could “rent” for a half hour time. It was a successful first-time service for MAQ. I was able to cut a whole lot of tumbler blocks in scrappy bright solids for a quilt I am working on, and it was wonderful to get so much precision cutting accomplished in a short amount of time.  Claudia is returning this year, so now is a good time to think about how you could take advantage of the opportunity to cut out a lot of pieces for your next quilt.

Here is some information that Claudia sent:

“Hello MAQ Attendees,

Take advantage of the Accuquilt GO! Cutter while you are at MAQ!!! Get your fabric ready for your next projects without the investment in the GO! Cutter system. The newest dies will be available.

Cut a queen size quilt in a 30 minute session. Only $10 for a 30 minute session.

Please contact me to schedule a time and to assist you with fabric amounts needed.

The go cutter center will have dies and cutters for sale!!! Fabulous fabric at great prices will also be available.”

Do I need to know which die I want to use when I attend the GO! Cutter center?

“It would be helpful to know which die or dies you would like to use, but I will have the most popular dies on hand. If you have a project in mind we can communicate about what you would need.”

Do I need to know which pattern I would like to do?

Again, it would be helpful but not necessary, if you know ahead of time I can help you with having the correct amount of fabric ready to cut.”

Can beginners use the GO! Cutter?

“The GO! cutter is useful for all levels of quilters.  The beauty of the cutting system is the time savings.   And we would all love to save time and have accurate cuts.”

How do I make the best use of my time with GO! Cutter Center?

“First you would need to decide on a pattern.  There are lots of samples on the Accuquilt website, www.accuquilt.com.

Then decide which dies you would need, or I can help you with that.

Next, decide how large you would like your project to be. I can help you with the amount of fabric needed.

Press your fabric and precut if needed.

Look at your class schedule and determine when you have free time.  Contact me and schedule a time, I can also help you with the dies and amount of fabrics.

Please contact me with any questions!!!

Claudia Chapman  claudia@roundaboutart.com

Here are some of Claudia’s quilts for different shape ideas:

New Teacher for MAQ 2014

We are delighted that Barbara Dahlberg will be one of the new teachers coming to MAQ 2014. She will be teaching 202 Autumn Leaves Art Quilt on Saturday and 302 Quilt Ikebana on Sunday.

Here are some additional descriptions that Barbara sent about her classes,

“Hi!  I’m Barbara Dahlberg and this is my first time teaching at MAQ. I’m thrilled to be included and can’t wait to meet all of you.  I’m pleased to offer my class Quilt Ikebana on Sunday. This Japanese art form has much creative inspiration for quilters and I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve learned and how you can use the principles and designs in your work.  For the class I’ll provide my design of a summer Ikebana arrangement in fabric featuring calla lilies.  You can easily change the season by making a different flower.  For example, chrysanthemums are a good choice for fall and can be made easily using broderie perse, cutting them from a piece of medium to large scale fabric printed with the flower (and you don’t have to cut out all those petals, just those around the edges).  Background and border fabrics should also be chosen to reflect the season if you are making this change. 

My other class this summer is Autumn Leaves Art Quilt.  This quilt began with collecting the beautiful leaves I found while taking a walk one fall morning.  I let them dry, pressed them in between pages of a phone book (I still have those) and then made patterns from the leaves.  I’ll give you copies of my patterns for the class, but if you have your own collection of pressed leaves and would like to personalize your quilt please bring them along.  The leaves don’t have to be from autumn, green ones will do as long as they are pressed.  You can change the color to a fall hue with the fabric you choose. If you are pressing green leaves put them between pieces of paper toweling before placing in a phone book or just under a few heavy books. 

Please email me at barbaradg@comcast.net  if you have any questions, need some help, or just want to say hi.”

You can see additional examples of Barbara’s art quilts online in her gorgeous galleries found in Barbara’s Art Quilts.