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We are fortunate to have Madge Ziegler as an instructor at MAQ. Madge is an all-around wonderful quilt teacher and an expert in quilt history and restoration. One proof of her quilting expertise is her ubiquitousness on the Web. I can be perusing quilting blogs late at night, clicking on one then another before falling asleep, and I’ll see a blogger mention the name “Madge Ziegler” and I have to think, “Really? They know her too?”

Here are Madge’s answers to our MAQ 2014 questions:

1. How long have you been coming to MAQ?

 “This will be my fifth year teaching at MAQ. The first time was in 2008.”

2. What is your favorite part of the weekend?

“Meeting students and teachers that are new and greeting those from past years. I am also delighted to see work that students bring from my past classes. Oh, and the frozen yogurt machine in the cafeteria!”

3. What excites you about your classes being offered this year?

“I am so happy to be offering two handwork classes. There are now over 6,400 members on the Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook group. Many people say hand quilting classes are not being offered at shops, etc. Kudos to the MAQ board for scheduling my full day Learn Hand Quilting class. The Cutwork Applique class gives me the opportunity to share an antique summer spread from my collection. Then there is the Rainbow Strings class! String quilting is hot, fast, fun and addicting. I also find it relaxing, so even though it’s a machine class, it is a perfect go with the flow and wind down class on Sunday.”

4. How could a student individualize a class project in one of your classes; what creative possibilities do you see?

I hope the Hand Quilting students will bring a top for suggestions. The Cutwork Applique class has a choice of patterns. With the Rainbow Strings class, students can cut strips all the same width, varied widths, or even wonky widths (slightly wedge shaped.) Colors can be organized or truly scrappy. I have many variations to show, so I hope people bring their cameras. My advice is to read the supply lists and homework now! I hope that if anyone has a question he or she will contact me:”

5. Do you have any additional photos to share for your classes being offered?

This little Dancing with the Pansies wallhanging was quilted in Big Stitch and I will demo that as part of the Hand Quilting class.  It was made from a vintage embroidered pansy block (provided by Mary Kerr) that I turned upside down.

Here are a couple of blocks in progress from the Cutwork Applique class:

When I teach the String Quilt class, I put up blocks from every student.  It’s always amazing that they blend together so well.

Here are two string quilts made by my friend Cathy:

When I do my string quilt lecture, I show antique, vintage and new.  It was hard to choose what to show you from the many string quilts I have made and collected:

Above: Top made by me 20 years ago. I think I’d better quilt it!”

Thank you, Madge, for your responses and all the photos!  I’m with you on the fro-yo in the cafeteria. It’s hard for me to pass up three straight days of unlimited frozen yogurt for both lunch and dinner.

You can find Madge online on her Facebook   Check out her weekly “Top Tip Tuesday” posts for useful tips.

And if you’d like to know more about her, check out this interview from 2001

See more examples of her String quilts, made in Baltimore


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